Friday, December 18, 2015

Lightboard is Coming.

Excitement! We are about to obtain a Lightboard to experiment with next semester.  What is a Lightboard? Educause does a way better job than me to explain this in their 7 Things You Should Know series. Michael Peshkin, a Physics professor from Northwestern invented this "glass" to improve interactions with his students in the classroom.  It's a 4 x 8 pane of tempered glass he uses to write on and pre-record lectures for his hybrid class. See his interview. Rich Grant, our Media Technologies guru will be setting this up. I can't wait to play. This will be my last post until after the Winter Break. Be back in January...

Friday, December 11, 2015

Maximize Classroom Time

Amanda Dills (OK State U) gave a lightning talk recently called "BE WISE, DIGITIZE, MAXIMIZE!" She says F-2-F classroom time is the most valuable commodity faculty have, and their goal should be to make the best use of it.  She offers a 3-part strategy for moving class time away from content delivery toward active learning.
1. BE WISE: what kinds of activities are most worthy of class time?
2. DIGITIZE: use technology to move some things outside of class. She offers 40 Ways to Digitize Instruction. Her list is much more than simply replacing lecture with videos (what flipping is for most folks).
3. MAXIMIZE: Ideal results = more effective class time with students

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ho Tung Viz Lab

Today I witnessed a special tribute in the Ho Tung Visualization Lab. It was the last class offered by a long-time Professor, Tony Aveni and his course Astronomy and Culture.  He has taught Astronomy for 47 years! This lab is amazing. It's a 53 seat digital theatre displaying the sky's planets, constellations in a full dome experience. Faculty are using the lab to everything from exploring the galaxy to ancient buildings. I look forward to seeing the new Star Wars show produced by my colleague, Joe Eakin.

The Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory was a special gift to Colgate from Robert H.N. Ho '56 in memory of his grandfather Sir Robert Ho Tung. Knighted twice by King George V and Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Robert Ho Tung was active as a businessman and philanthropist in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong. At the 2007 dedication ceremony for the visualization lab, Mr. Ho quoted a Chinese proverb: "huh shwei, suh yuan"-"Drink water: consider source."

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What is a Learning Technologist?

"What exactly is a learning technologist?" I've been asked this question repeatedly this week.
According to the Association for Learning Technology, Learning technology is a broad range of communication, information, and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching and assessment. Learning technologists are people who are actively involved in managing, researching, supporting and enabling learning with the use of technology.

At Colgate we are beginning to change the way we work with faculty into more of a partnering, consulting role. I am excited to be part of this cultural shift.

Welcome to Colgate!

I officially started working as Colgate's new "Learning Technologist" on December 1st, 2015. After a nice 3 week vacation post-Babson College I am thrilled beyond words to be here. My Director, Jeffrey Nugent is awesome and my fellow instructional technologists are a fine group of professionals and human beings... My talented colleagues are Sarah Kunze, Dan Wheeler, Zlatko Grozl, Doug Higgins, Joe Eakin, and Rich Grant.

After a week of orientation and getting to know the lay of the land I feel very welcomed and like I can make a very positive contribution here. GO 'Gate!!